Living the dream. Nurturing the soul.


I live the dream. I nurture the soul. It’s a beautiful and ever-changing dance.

For so long I was lost inside. I needed my own healing. It’s been an arduous and illuminating path, but now I am here, along with so many with whom I had shared my journey, to work with others as they venture into the unknown on their own paths to healing.

Each day, we have the opportunity to relish in the beauty that this planet has to offer, but how do we find joy in a vibrant sunset if we don’t feel whole within ourselves?

What it comes down to is balance. Balance of living a life of our own dreams, and caring for our body, mind and soul.

You’ve entered a space of healing.

For so long, I believed I was “different” in the sense that I was always drawn towards healing the body in a non-westernized medicine way. But each time I looked in that direction it seemed very woo woo, a space for left-of-center folks sporting dreadlocks and spending their days in drum circles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’ve just always been a bit of a preppy gal, with too fine of hair for dreadlocks, and an indecisiveness on even getting a tattoo. And I feel like there’s a lot of other people out there who are living in the suburbs, running corporations, or running kids to soccer practice, that are in as much need of healing as all the hippy folks, but perhaps, like me, they have been tentative about venturing too far off onto the less-known path.

I’m here to bridge that gap.

Walk with me on my path of yoga and energy healing. You’ll realize that however you chose your path, you can incorporate as much or as little spirituality and ritual into it as you’d like. Healing is healing, whether you incorporate drums, incense, palo santo and crystals, or not.

Holistic healing, at its core, comes down to creating life filled with meaning and truth.

The first question to ask yourself, are you the dreamer of your life? Or are you being dreamed? If you are being dreamed, you are allowing other people and situations to create your reality for you. If you are a dreamer, you are willing to step forth and take control of your destiny.

The first step is to become the dreamer.




Ready to focus on health and well-being? Mariah teaches yoga and hosts retreats throughout the islands of the Bahamas.

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Mariah focuses on Reiki, a Japanese form of touch-healing therapy to reduce stress

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Author of Moon Bahamas travel guidebook, as well as countless articles and blog posts. Her writing showcases her love for the Bahamas, and for self-care, personal development, health & well-being.