Mariah laine Moyle

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Mariah made her way to the Bahamas in 2008 by way of a 32’ sailboat. Since landing on these island shores, she has dedicated herself to embracing her adopted home, and this genuineness shows through her writing and through involvement in her community.

She has lived and traveled throughout the 700 island that make up the archipelago, as she writes books and articles geared towards travelers and new residents as well as writing about internal challenges she has overcome through divorce and the sudden death of her mother in 2009. She teaches yoga and is passionate about health and overall well-being. She is an advocate for sustainability and cares deeply about her home islands and the surrounding marine ecosystem.

She works hand-in-hand with various forms of healing modalities with her husband, Mark Moyle. She’s a mom to four rescue Potcakes (island dogs), and enjoys kiteboarding, paddlesurfing and hiking.