mariah laine moyle

Author, Travel Journalist & Content Marketing Writer


content marketing

With a university Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and years of experience with website design, content creation and marketing, Mariah has been able to assist numerous businesses to better promote themselves online. Previous and current content marketing assignments include Bahamas Travel and Lifestyle, Food and Beverage, Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality, and Construction and Real Estate.

With social media being a reliable platform for businesses today, having an active Instagram or Facebook account can make customers feel comfortable with your name, without feeling like they are being sold something. Articles about your business written on your own blog’s website or from outside sources give an additional sense of trustworthiness.

Content marketing services include

  • Setting up a simple, sharp looking, easy to manage website

  • Blog & article writing, focused on sharability for social media

  • Social media management

  • SEO (search engine optimization) and increasing Google rankings for your online presence



Out Island Life

Website builder and content creator for popular website Out Island Life, which provides information for those looking to travel, buy, build or relocate to the Bahamas. The website attracts clients looking to purchase property and build homes, as well as drawing awareness to the new travel guidebook, Moon Bahamas. This is done entirely through a modernized marketing approach of sharing helpful, relevant information.

Out Islands of The Bahamas.png

The Bahamas Out Islands Promotions Board

Content marketing article for the Out Islands of The Bahamas promotional board. Article was significantly edited from original submission.

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